Working with Contractors EP 1- w Liam Morin.

Welcome to the first episode of Working with Contractors. This will be a short series where we interview investors, fellow contractors and industry experts about contractors covering everything from what to look for in a contractor to how to be successful in this highly competitive field.

In this premiere episode, we have a chat with Liam Morin the new COO of Profit for Contractors , a team dedicated to educating and supporting contractors so they can achieve their greatest potential. Liam and Jon chat about the struggles of not only being a contractor but what you should be looking for one when hiring. They also give some solid advice for success that can help all types of businesses so we highly recommend you give the whole video a watch.

Thanks to Liam for joining us and to all you viewers. Please subscribe and share these videos so that we can grow this channel and share more contractor and investor education with all of you.

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