The REI Contractor Show Podcast- Pilot

Hello REI lovers, it’s been a while since we’ve used the website but no we have a fantastic new reason to share with you, our brand new Podcast. While we love make our quick shoot content for YouTube and social media we wanted a forum where we could sit down and really get into the nitty gritty about our unique perspective of the Real Estate investment world.

We’ll be inviting guests from the Real Estate Investment world to talk not only about investment in general but the specifics of renovating for investment as well as our personal experiences, triumphs and tribulations and so much more. We hope you’ll enjoy as we start this new project and hope you’ll be back for more.

On this pilot episode the uninitiated can meet our host Jon TenBrinke , owner of Black Jack Contracting and host of the REI Contractor show, alongside Dave Ould who is senior project Consultant at Black Jack. They discuss their respective background and what they’re looking forward to in future episodes.

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