Insulation & Soundproofing – Duplex Renovations.

Hey folks, welcome back to the REI Contractor Show. We’re once again back at our project on E12th in Hamilton. It’s been a quick turnaround since our last vid but we are back because we have completed the insulation stage. In this video Jon walks through the insulation and sound proofing methods used on this project as well as a rundown of other methods to reduce sound transfer in your duplex conversions.

This stage is fast and not the most in depth and goes very quickly especially since code has changes to be friendlier to materials that are easier to work with. It should be noted that on this project we are doing minimum code requirements, as you will see in the video there are many more advanced methods to reduce sound transfer. Many of them are far more involved and costly so it all falls to your personal discretion and how much of an investment you want to make towards soundproofing.

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