Duplex Conversions- The Trades Stage

Hello folks and thank you for continuing to watch along as we progress through this reno series. We’ve been showing you our project on E 12th in Hamilton, Ontario from start to finish and now that we’ve completed another important stage we’ve got another video for you.

In this video Jon takes you through what we call the “trades” stage of a duplex reno which is our shorthand for all the important functional aspects of your home. The trades stage includes: plumbing, HVAC, Electrical and any remaining structural fixes that need to be made before moving on to insulation and drywall. On this particular project we’ve already had some unique challenges that we’ve had to address and we’ll show you our solutions. This stage is not particularly interesting to look at but is arguably the most important since without it you’d just have painted drywall nailed to the studs.

So again thank you to everyone for your interest and support in the channel and please remember to share these videos so or channel can grow and we can bring you more great content for real estate investors and contractors alike.

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